Neck Liposuction , neck lift

Neck liposuction is neck lift procedure is used to remove fat from beneath the chin.

It is successfully used to minimize the look of a double chin or jowls.

In the patient with the double chin neck liposuction is the best way to get their satisfaction.

It depends on what is composing the double chin, fat, skin, muscle.

Usually the best results are achieved with operations that attack whatever is causing the excess.

Sometimes just liposuction will work. Sometimes a neck lift, sometimes a face lift.

Neck liposuction is usually performed with a canulla (a narrow tube) that is attached to a vacuum device.

The treatment depends upon what the problem is and the condition of your skin.

If there is a lot of skin excess, a neck lift is necessary which is an operation which takes at least 3 hours and for which the recouperation is about two weeks.

If liposuction is required, the operation may just take an hour and the recovery period is much less. Sometimes, an abbreviated combination of both procedures can be the best choice